Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Aboutist Manifesto

THE ABOUTISTS is a visual art movement in development, open to discussion, debate and change, but for now based on these principles….

1. The Work
The work is about the world immediately around us, the present time, the people, buildings, objects and evident values of the place and time we are in.

2. The Subject
The work is about what you see first hand around you. It is based on looking outwards at life, not inwards at your self. It is not principally about the artist, the artist is the medium, not the subject.

3. The Source
Aboutists work from a real source. Not tracing or copying photographs or images from distant sources (such as the web). You should get close to the subject and understand something, and be willing to sacrifice photographic accuracy in favour of expression and quality in the work.

4. The Media
We use what ever method or media that works to record and express the values of a time and place. These things can, and will change and reflect the values of a time. All that is good.

5. Explanations
The work should speak for itself. If you need to write an essay to tell people what they should think about your work, then it doesn’t communicate. A title should be enough to start some understanding. This is not an intellectual movement.

6. Unify
The intention is to make connections and form groups with artists working in the same way. Aboutists should be unified and out in the world. Form groups to develop ideas and methods and to exhibit work.

7. Showing Work

Whenever possible we show our work in places close to its source and subject. In shop windows, bars and night clubs, bus shelters, supermarkets and public buildings.

8. The State

In recent times most of what we do in art is chosen by people who work indirectly for the government. Young artists are told what is, or is not art, both in schools and art colleges, and also by the media. Funding comes from agents of the government, and often they choose what is promoted or approved of. Aboutists work and keep their freedom to be honest about work and life.

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